Check out our library of educational resource packs designed to help you develop yourself as an entrepreneur. Our comprehensive guides and checklists are must-reads for any founder looking to be a cut above the rest. 

AI-Ventures-Checklist-1 AI-Ventures-Checklist-2

AI Ventures Checklist

Compiled through extensive research and the opinions and experiences of industry experts, this checklist geared towards helping you navigate through the early stages of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Founders-Starter-Pack-1 Founders-Starter-Pack-2

Founders Starter Pack

The start pack explores every necessary detail required from you as a founder to potentially build your start-up into a successful empire. It contains a series of fundamental knowledge which every founder should understand! 

AIV-Incubator-Program-Booklet-1 AIV-Incubator-Program-Booklet-2 AIV-Incubator-Program-Booklet-3

If you are interested in learning more about our Incubator, check out our booklet! Find everything you need to know about the AI Ventures Incubator Program in this comprehensive information package. 

Capital Raise Pitch Deck Guide-1
Capital Raise Pitch Deck Guide-2
Capital Raise Pitch Deck Guide-1 Capital Raise Pitch Deck Guide-2

Capital Raise Pitch Deck Guide

To be great at pitching to your potential investors, you’ll need a memorable pitch deck. Our guide highlights everything you need to know about creating a series of visuals which no one will forget! 

Corporate-Structure-and-Organisational-Design-1-1 Corporate-Structure-and-Organisational-Design-1-2

Corporate Structure and Organisational Design

The strength of your company is based on the quality of your people. Choosing the right people is a daunting task, but don’t worry – our guide has you covered! 

Capital Raising Basics-1
Capital Raising Basics-2
Capital Raising Basics-1 Capital Raising Basics-2

Capital Raise Basics

This information package is aimed to help first time founders answer the critical question of, what are the key guidelines to follow when raising capital.