Portfolio Companies

  • Gift Card Messenger

    The Gift Card Messenger vision is to change the gift card giving culture, making it an expressive, personal, fun and shareable experience, experiences that fit right in with our digital living. Using an AI personalisation engine, Gift Card Messenger transforms impersonal and un-emotive gift cards into unforgettable experiences.

  • Journi Health

    Journi is a cutting-edge wellbeing app that connects users with their carers and service providers, together keeping track of their goals, activities and progress.

  • Maya Ai

    Maya is an AI business assistant for growth by helping to manage up to 50% of admin work. Maya predicts what startups need to be doing next in their business for growth, why it needs to accomplish, and communicating the task to the relevant vendor to complete.

  • Meyd.it

    Meyd.it is redefining how apparel is made and consumed. The platform makes made on order convenient: Find the best Local Makers, review their profiles and choose the right creative for your project. Medy.it's system tools improve communication, scheduling, payments and help makers improve their sales and margins.

  • pixevety

    Pixevety reduces the daily stress and privacy pitfalls of managing and sharing collections of photos and videos of children online. A smart photo management tool for schools and parents, pixevety offers unique, state of the art real-time consent technology based on the consent wishes of parents & legal guardians to help protect the images of children.

  • Schabu

    Schabu is a HRtech startup that automates the recruitment process using voice and speech analytics to evaluate and rank applicant responses.

  • Whizleads

    WhizLeads aims to increase your sales and revenue through efficient lead generation, sales intelligence and task management.