AI Ventures Incubator Pre-Launch: Connect

Join the Pre-Launch of AI Ventures Incubator!  

AI Ventures have invited their mentors to join us in this pre-launch of our incubator to spark conversation, learning, engagement and network! Each table will be engaging with different topics that span across each week of AI Ventures Incubator Program: including discussions on Capital Raise, Branding and Marketing, Prototyping, AI Product Validation, Budget and Financing, and, Vision and Strategy.

Many of these mentors are affiliated with Microsoft, Deloitte, Altitude Shift, Sydney Hardware Incubator, UTS, UNSW and more!

AI Ventures Incubator Program is aligned to offer a network of mentors, strategy sessions, pitch training workshops, AI expertise, potential partnerships, and investor connections among the rest, so that you are well prepared to drive successful capital raise- the likes that every founder dreams of!




Thursday 03/09/20 @7-8pm AEST