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7 Questions With…Allison!

Allison is the Chief Marketing Officer here at AI Ventures. She specialises in visual content creation and event management, with a proven track record of organising many successful

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The Importance of Empathy in Creating Great Products

At some point, we’ve all come across products that were awkward and difficult to use. Bottle caps that don’t come off, doors that don’t open the way they should, and apps that bombard us with pop-ups. The world is littered with

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7 Questions With…Sergey!

Sergey is our Vice President in Operations & Strategy at AI Ventures. Working full-time, studying part-time at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Sergey is starting his own business in the entertainment & hospitality industry. Today, we interviewed

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7 Questions With… Vamshi

Vamshi is the Lead Program Manager for Australia’s first post-COVID AI Ventures Incubator and a Project Management Office Lead at AI Consulting — AI Australia. He specialises

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