8 Awesome Start-ups using AI Who Should Be On Everyone’s Radars

AI has a lot to offer and it’s not just large corporates or purely tech firms that are making the most of it. Plenty of start-ups have embraced AI to offer innovative solutions that range from virtual tutors to checkout-free convenience stores. Here are a few interesting companies using AI:  

  1. Clarifai  

Clarifai uses computer vision to analyse images, videos and texts to extract business insights. The software can automatically tag images, moderate content and classify documents to name a few features. Clarifai has various applications such as improving SEO with automatic visual labels with relevant keywords, enabling visual search to find similar products, and helping hotels analyse video footage to analyse customer experience and offer automated check-ins.  

  1. Persado  

If AI can understand the language in marketing content and break it down into different components such as calls-to-action, narrative and emotion, the end result is saved time and better brand messaging. This is exactly what Persado does with a machine that helps create the best messages to speak to customers across channels. The AI is constantly learning with every campaign and improving its language knowledgebase continuously. By taking the guess work out of creative marketing, Persado crafts content in line with your brand’s voice spanning emails to social media ads.  

  1. Dorabot 

Dorabot offers automated warehouse solutions based on AI and robotics to automate sorting, transport and loading of goods. With solutions catering to logistics, e-commerce, airports etc., various types of mobile robots and devices for sorting and loading lets you customise solutions according to the warehouse’s needs.  

  1. Grabango  

This is another neat idea for retail to let customers at grocery and convenience stores skip the checkout line by simply scanning a barcode. The system automatically detects and adds the items you grab into its system as you shop. All you have to do is scan the code in your app to pay automatically on your way out. The service is currently available in a number of stores across the US.  

  1. Interactions  

Conversations with brands can forge trust, increase ease of sharing information and create opportunities. Interactions is a firm that uses AI to enable brands to communicate with their consumers via intelligent virtual assistants. They help brands have engaging conversations across channels, making for meaningful interactions with consumers as well as improved self-service. Virtual assistants can go a long way in shaping the way brands communicate with their audiences, and Interactions is proving just that.  

  1. Kasisto  

Kasisto is the creator of virtual assistants for the banking sector, where conversational AI technology is taken to the next level in creating a highly customised and engaging banking experience. Imagine having a virtual banker in your pocket to tell you when you’re overspending or to help you choose investments!  

  1. Atomwise  

Drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry often involves long periods of research to understand what drugs bind to specific proteins and making trade-offs between potency, off-target effects etc. Atomwise’s technology is based on convolutional neural networks and uses a statistical approach to predict which small molecules bind to specific proteins by analysing billions of compounds.  

  1. Korbit  

Korbit offers a self-learning platform for data science featuring a virtual tutor to personalise your learning experience. The AI tutor guides you throughout the course, giving you interactive exercises and projects to work on while personalising the entire experience along the way. Virtual tutors are a great way to make self-learning more interesting and personal. With the rise of online self-learning courses this is definitely a welcome trend!  

Which AI start-ups are on your radar? Tell us in the comments!  

Article By : Anahita Gottipati

AI Ventures has an ambition to help build the next generation of AI-driven startups . Our Mentor program is currently running and we welcome innovative startups focusing on AI, Machine Learning and Robotics to apply.

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